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I made a twitter account, where I’ll be posting fan art doodles to really push me into drawing quantity.
There will be a lot of Haikyuu and OFF fan art I think. ssSSooo drop by!

the many faces of a default character

I was tagged for the handwriting challenge by shawnhasalife
I don’t usually do those kind of things but I’m art blocked so…
Woa I didn’t get the chips quote right… I fail as a kiwi…

1. Name
2. URL
3. Blog Title
4. Crush
5. Favourite colour
6. Something in all caps
7. Favourite band
8. Favourite number
9. Favourite drink
10. Tag 10 people : number1dad, lacrimode, tahmcat, holy-freckled-jesus, corn-goddess, hnnhlcy, sleepyberry, appleanus, worstgaiden, heynawa

I turned 21 today hoorah

I made potato salad

finished a sketch book today.
It’s even more special because I started it when I was rock bottom.

Billie’s Haikyuu fan book came in the mail today!!! It’s beautifulヽ(;▽;)ノ

wibbily wobbily woo

I’m never happy with my digital works… -_-

A secret picnic.
For a mermaid themed illustration contest!

Shattering through art blocks with good-looking, good-mannered school kids.

Japanese version on pixiv (日本語版)

Happiness is sinking your teeth down into melon-pan in one BIG CHOMP.

Thanks so much to my dear friend number1dad!! Please check out her art cause they are just wonderful <3
Just a heads up I am in LOVE with peanuts and OFF. wink wink.

rupine asked: hello hakobore! please keep me updated on any new sticker projects - i missed out on your handdrawn packs but i'm still really interested in anything you release in the future!

Thanks and of course!
Uni’s keeping me busy atm but in a few weeks it’ll be holidays, which means more stickers!

dawgtwn asked: dude your art is so cool

Awww thanks so much!!
You perked up my tuesday morning :)