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Uni asked for a self portrait.

Here’s an snk doodle to fill the inactive gap.

Mikasa picked out the jacket for eren.


Hey guys sorry I haven’t been very prolific.
It’s been a hectic few weeks since I moved, but I can’t wait to start posting drawings again!

Here’s my photo blog of my not-so adventurous adventures in Japan.

misterhayden asked: I am absolutely loving your work. Thank you for making it. What would you say is your greatest influence?

Thank you so much!!
I can’t say I have a single greatest influence… Lately though I am in love with the Moomin books and the indie game OFF.
My favourite artists are Yoshitomo Nara, Munch, Monet, Gogh, Charles M Schultz, the list goes on…

But all in all I feel that the anime that I’ve watched and picture books that I’ve read growing up as a kid had the biggest influence. I guess it’s inevitable, as they are engraved in me from an early age.
Nintama Rantaro, Card Captor Sakura, Sailor Moon, Guri to Gura, Karasu no Panya-san, Daichan to Umi, Mekkira Mokkira Doon Don…
I have mad respect for authors of children’s picture books, and am forever in awe with their beautiful stories and pictures.


hakobore [pixiv] 

Guys that’s me.
Those two look nice together I never noticed.

Tomorrow I’ll be moving to Japan!
Wish me luck at my new uni guys cause I’ll need it…


Hana i cant believe this! I wasn’t expecting all this!!

thank you so much your letter is so nice, everything is so cute ;;__;; i’m excited to trade with you again sometime!

Those cat stickers are my favourite!
Love the 90s vibe it has!

"The Spaceship is Gone" (2012)
Acrylic on canvas

Saying goodbye to all my canvas paintings that I cannot take with me.


aw thank you so much for the sweet letter Hana, It was a nice surprise after a long day at work! I love the small painting, I’m going to keep it on my work desk..

It’s my pleasure!!
Good luck with your work <3

I bought/traded this beautiful shiganshina trio from number1dad and she painted me Jean too!!!
I love them so much… can’t wait to get them framed…
Thank you so much friend!

some snk sticks for a friend

Jean is my fave because he takes no shit from anyone, even Mikasa. I have so much respect for that.

Oh no. huge mistake, pretend you saw nothing.

origami doodles

Edit: THANKS GUYS they are all gone, I’ve been trying to get rid of them or years! Tumblr is great for this.


Do any of you guys like D.N.Angel, Inuyasha or FMA?
I have collectable cards that I’d like to give away since I’m moving to Japan in a few weeks. I feel bad selling or throwing them away because they were given to me by a friend like 10 years ago. I thought it might be better to gift them to people who’d want them.

There are:
51 D.N.Angel cards  (taken!)
33 Inuyasha cards (taken!)
4 FMA cards (taken!)

Inbox me which set you’d want, (only one set per person)
The first to inbox me for each will get it mailed to them!
You don’t have to be following me or anything.