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A secret picnic.
For a mermaid themed illustration contest!

Shattering through art blocks with good-looking, good-mannered school kids.

Japanese version on pixiv (日本語版)

Happiness is sinking your teeth down into melon-pan in one BIG CHOMP.

Thanks so much to my dear friend number1dad!! Please check out her art cause they are just wonderful <3
Just a heads up I am in LOVE with peanuts and OFF. wink wink.

rupine asked: hello hakobore! please keep me updated on any new sticker projects - i missed out on your handdrawn packs but i'm still really interested in anything you release in the future!

Thanks and of course!
Uni’s keeping me busy atm but in a few weeks it’ll be holidays, which means more stickers!

dawgtwn asked: dude your art is so cool

Awww thanks so much!!
You perked up my tuesday morning :)

Lemon curd, lemon pie, a girl can dream.

Submission for Incidents Illustration!

squeaky clean


Kuchen Galactica

orangeyy asked: hello! i really love your art, so cute and pretty!~ :) i am actually starting to make stickers of my own recently, and I'm still trying to work out prices and stuff for it, i know you had a few original handmade sticker packs in the past and i was wondering how much you charged for those? just to get a ballpark figure for my own of course haha~ thank you uwu

Thank you so much!
I sold each sticker packs for $10, plus shipping, which was about $2.50.
Since they’re hand drawn and therefore one of a kind, it is very underpriced. I’m literally paying myself about $4 an hour. So I think it really depends on you on how much you want to charge for your creations. :)
I hope this gave you an idea though!

When the titans broke through wall maria, many children on the verge of death were visited by a mysterious white creature.
The military erected the forth and smallest squad, recruiting children with strange powers that once should have died.

Are these childrens’ powers safe? Does it come with a cost? If so, how great?
The cat-like creature has not been sighted ever since the event. Is it friend or foe? Many questions are unanswered as the fate of humanity continue to spiral downwards into unmeasurable depths.

Cleaning dude sticker pack is on sale!

This will be the last hand drawn sticker pack for a long while, if not the last.
But not to worry! I’m working on other sticker projects atm.

boybug asked: hey hana!!! :-D we've been mutuals 4 a loooong time (i think?) and i LUV your art. i was wondering what art supplies/programs/brushes/pens/markers/ETC you use?? it's all so pretty!! ;ww;

Yes we have! hehe thanks!! I reblog quite a bit of your stuff to my side blogs :)
I use photoshop for my digital works (with a normal brush), although I hardly do digital paintings anymore.
For others… my favourite is my trusty black ball point pen. Paints are Atelier artists’ acrylic, and I’ve recently started using acrylic gouache too!
When making stickers I use Stabilo coloured pens.

(space) cat eye